“Callemonit” refers to when you Call Them On It, whereby “Call” means Confront, and “Them” (shortened to “em” for speedy slang speak) relates to People, and “On” means About, and “It” is Misbehavior. So Callemonit is defined as, “ the act by which you confront people about misbehavior.”

That seems simple enough. When someone is saying or doing something inappropriate or unbecoming, and said behavior is negatively affecting the way you live your life, you should consider a Callemonit approach, thus hoping to halt the perceived wrongdoing.

Well, maybe it’s not that straightforward. You see, the devil is in the details, so to speak. Specifically, do people like being confrontational? For the most part, I’d say no. Blood pressure spikes, voices crack, nerves take over, and tears aren’t out of the question. And who are the person(s) making life miserable? Is it your friend since childhood, a spouse, or maybe your coworkers or boss? You’ll likely suffer over the thought of making the situation worse, potentially hurting the feelings of those you love, or offending someone whose reaction could adversely impact your livelihood and future.

Also consider, has the misbehavior become a minor annoyance or more towards the extreme, practically unlivable? Again, I must reiterate, ramifications of confrontation are usually unknown, so considering the severity of impropriety and consequences of encounter is absolutely necessary.

Now let’s approach from a different perspective.  If you don’t choose Callemonit, you opt to live with an unwanted reality.  You run the gamut of emotions, ranging from feeling awkward, disappointed and frustrated to angry, sad and even depressed whenever the situation arises.  The mere thought of the circumstance can elicit anxiety.  And by avoidance, you ultimately adjust your own behavior to compensate for the wrongdoing.

It’s a tremendous undertaking to steer clear of Callemonit, especially knowing the perpetrator remains unscathed.  Do they even realize how troublesome they’ve become?  And unfortunately, if they are aware but left unchecked, they will most likely continue or possibly worsen their behavior.

Undoubtedly, there are so many serious questions to deliberate in preparation for Callemonit.  Adopting a Callemonit mindset is serious business.

So let’s rehash this again.  You have a relationship quandary that admittedly causes you stress.  And when I say “relationship,” I am referring to anyone from a stranger to a loved one.  They somehow “relate” to your life and have influence on your feelings and actions.   And in regards to this unwelcomed worry, your human instinct justifiably compels you to alleviate the burden, yet the fear of expression and the uncertainty of aftermath from confronting the source, is possibly outweighing your motivation for resolution.

Is it getting clearer?  If it is, yet contemplating Callemonit is still proving too exhausting, then you will likely choose the alternative.  Basically, you’ll learn to live with it.  It’s just not worth the aggravation.  And who knows?  After all your ping ponging of emotions and debating the most productive course of action, you might be making a mountain out of a molehill.

As the creator of Callemonit, I hope you dismiss that last implication.  If there’s anything we’ve learned in recent years, harboring anxiety and feelings of oppression on any level isn’t trivial, and to allude that someone is  “overreacting” further perpetuates societal ignorance. Whether it’s past or present inappropriate conduct, denial and nonintervention only leads to emotional instability and even shattered lives.

For instance, sexual harassment, gender inequality, and racial injustice have dominated the headlines. For too long, keeping quiet has seemed like the only option. But now, people are crying out. They are tired and frustrated. And best of all, by taking action, they are slowly starting to achieve vindication, the reward from a Callemonit lifestyle.

I realize the aforementioned infractions are egregious and unacceptable in a civilized society, or anywhere for that matter.  And because they carry so much weight and controversy, I don’t want this blog to only focus on such heavy topics.  Just as there are deadly snakes in the grass, there are mosquitoes at a barbeque.

But just imagine this, what if the snakes and mosquitoes alike, knew there were people in the world who were willing and able to Callemonit?  Would they be more or less likely to attack?

In the “Blog” section of this site, I will post fictitious Callemonit situations you can probably relate to. In these scenarios, confrontation is chosen, and the result is positive. But since real life is more complex than the stories I write, I invite followers to post comments relative to the described occurrence, and especially interject actual experiences, regardless of the outcome. The goal is to provide invaluable advice for those contemplating their own personal Callemonit.

Also, you’ll notice I give each blog post an “eyebrow rating” from 1-5. Basically, I tend to raise an eyebrow when reacting to misconduct in my own life, but naturally, some instances warrant more of a reaction than others. For example, “1 Eyebrow” refers to a knee jerk Callemonit, with less stress and concern for ramifications, and “5 Eyebrows” is premeditated, with significant tension and apprehension regarding potential repercussions. Feel free to dispute the designated eyebrow number.

Finally, for quick Callemonit circumstances that are left open ended, please check out “Shorts,” and comment there as well. Then click on “Suggestions.” I’d appreciate ideas for future Callemonit predicaments.