About Me

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Who is Cameron Connelly?

Cameron Connelly is not my real name.  It’s my pen name.

Why write under a pen name?

I feel passionate about the message of my blog.  Having the confidence to express true feelings, to Callemonit, can be positively life changing.

So it’s the message that’s most important, not the messenger.

Though it is true that Cameron Connelly is not my real name, and I believe the message can be positively life changing, the motive for using a pen name was not based on modesty.

I chose a name other than my own, because I was afraid and embarrassed to let the world know I decided to quit my career in construction and become a blogger.

Even the word blogger…well…you know…it was hard to say it in conversation and still sound tough.  I guess it was a whole machismo thing.

Plus I figured I would be ridiculed for leaving a lucrative career in construction, regardless of whether or not I was happy…and I wasn’t by the way.

So as a consolation for my fragile ego, I justified using a pen name, because it was kind of cool and mysterious.

My favorite author has always been Theodor Seuss Geisel, pen names Theo LeSieg (Geisel backward) and Dr. Seuss.

My mother read me a story from the**Dr. Seuss Book Collection** at every afternoon naptime.  I always stayed awake until the end, following each word, committing them to memory.

By the time I was in kindergarten, my skills were clearly above the class, and my love of reading and writing was born.

So if Geisel could rock a pen name, why not me?

Why Cameron Connelly, specifically?  There were three reasons.

First, it has C’s and flows with the word Callemonit.

Second, it is an Irish name.  I’m Italian, and growing up, I always thought of Irish people as the opposite of Italians…fair skin and freckles compared to olive skin and no freckles.   I know, sounds crazy.

And third, it’s unisex.  For instance, there’s Cameron Diaz and Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Well, there you have it.

But that was then, and this is now.

Over the past six months I have learned a great deal about blogging.  For starters, it’s extremely difficult.  And the bloggers of the world, whom I’ve come across in my research and social media are some of the most creative, hardworking, and dedicated people I know.  And finally, I’m proud to be a blogger, and I love what I do.

Hello everyone!  My real name is Mark Loschiavo, and this is my beautiful wife.  She encouraged me to write my blog, and she’s my #1 fan.

I love you, Honey!  Thank you for all your support!

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