About Me

Hi! I’m Cameron Connelly.  Thank you for stopping by.   I hope you enjoy your experience at Callemonit.com and continue to participate in all the posts.  You can even follow me on Twitter, Cameron Connelly@CallemonitBlog  and Facebook, Cameron Connelly.

Before I give some background into my life, I want to further explain the inspiration behind creating Callemonit.com. Throughout our lives, we will encounter countless situations that leave us scratching our heads, sort of how I refer to raising an eyebrow. Often we chalk it up to, “Well, that’s life.” But what if we weren’t so accepting? Just think about that for a moment.

How often does the little teleprompter in our brain give us the words to say, BUT we ignore them. We move on, dismissing the impulse to express our true feelings. And by just “dealing with it” in this way, we tend to take on unnecessary stress.

Basically, someone else is doing something unwelcomed, and they feel free as a bird.  You, on the other hand, feel awkward, anxious, and uncomfortable. So, why not be honest? You might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Seriously, my blog posts have positive endings.

You know, if the world embraced a Callemonit mentality, people might actually think twice about even putting others in the position where they are considering Callemonit. Trust me, fear of accountability can be an amazing motivator for good behavior.

Now about me, I was born in a small suburban town in New Hampshire, or that’s what I was told.  Like straight from the movies, I was left on the doorstep of the wealthiest couple in the neighborhood.  And of course, they were in their late thirties and unsuccessful at having children.  I imagine my real mother or father probably knew them, at least enough to learn of their struggles to get pregnant.

So even though I wasn’t born with silver spoon in mouth, from the moment the housekeeper answered the doorbell, I would never want again.  My new parents spent the next twenty-one years grooming my behavior and spoiling me with anything and everything my heart desired.

Fast forward to my last year of college.  I was intelligent, athletic, cultured, and attractive.  By all accounts, I had grown into the perfect young adult.  But as these stories often go, I was not happy.  I felt I’d lived a lie my entire life, playing a role to relentless applause, yet never taking off my makeup.  I prided myself in being the exact person everyone wanted.  Friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, coaches, clergy, and even my parents, always knew what to expect from me, and I practically became addicted to meeting those expectations.

Luckily one sunny afternoon, while pouring over textbooks in my dorm room, I was drawn to the incessant sound of chirping outside my window.  Just as I was about to pull down the sash, something caught my eye.  A very noisy baby bird fell out of the nest and landed in a naturally enclosed flower garden.  The little guy was on its own and apparently trapped.

I watched the bird for an hour, repeatedly struggling to fly but never giving up hope.  Eventually, it made its way to a border of small bushes and mustered the strength for a final leap.  Up and over it went to freedom.  I never saw it again, nor did I look.  I imagine it did like all the other birds.  It learned to fly and start its own life.  Or it got eaten by Mr. Holden’s cat.  He was the campus groundskeeper.  But at least it accepted the challenge to be independent.

So from my perspective, I took it as a sign.  Without hesitation, I dropped out of school and left the only world I had ever known behind.  Crazy as it sounds, I was on a quest to find myself, and I was willing to abandon unlimited creature comforts and the potential for a lucrative business career.

Obviously, my parents were disappointed.  They basically disowned me.  They said I was ungrateful and an embarrassment.  Even my so-called friends preferred I didn’t keep in touch.

Fast forward again, but this time to a happier place.  I moved to a working class town in New Jersey, where I finished my education and met my true love.  We have a small house and three teenage children.  And what I said earlier about never wanting again, I stand corrected.  Managing a budget is always difficult.  But, we somehow make it through, and it’s our life, and it’s real.

Why Callemonit?  Well, for most of my early life, I simply accepted the behavior of others, regardless of how it contorted my true personality.  I was taught to keep my thoughts to myself, accept without question, don’t make waves, etc.

I never knew my real parents, and it’s hard for me to forgive what they did, yet I believe I carry a piece of them.  I have an innate desire to expect honesty, kindness and respect, without exception.   And I have a willingness to fight for those less fortunate.

Callemonit is a lifestyle change.  It gives you the opportunity to shed unwanted stress and grow confident about who you are and how you prefer to be treated.