Occupation Poll #1

Your boss says your new dress looks "sexy."

Parenting Poll #1

Your teenager's breath smells like beer.

Marriage Poll #1

Your husband comes home smelling like perfume.


The following Pins should serve as reminders of the importance of healthy communication in your life.  Callemonit is a positive approach to explaining how you truly feel, a lifestyle that revolves around honesty.  Callemonit (Call Them On It) does not mean being confrontational in the negative sense.  On the contrary, the goal is to improve your life and hopefully the lives of others by expressing your true feelings.  Please help me spread the word about Callemonit.  Pin these quotes to your Pinterest Boards.  If you have an idea for a Pin, click Suggestions.  Then click Index to link directly to Callemonit categories  and stories.    Thank you!

Mom’s Playground Discipline Dilemma – Parenting Callemonit

Finally, the dog days of summer are nearly in the books. Jill and her five year old son Kyle have been cooped up in their tiny air conditioned apartment for nearly a week. With temperatures unseasonably warm, rising above 90, it’s been too hot to hit the playground. Plus the plastic slides, which are Kyle’s favorite, cook in the midday sun like a stovetop.

So a welcomed cold front is the perfect remedy for a touch of cabin fever.

But Kyle’s opportunity to run off some energy is dependent on more than weather. He needs his partner in crime, five year old Joey. The two tykes are best buddies on the primary colored apparatus.

Unfortunately, Joey has made the cutoff age for preschool enrollment.

This leaves Kyle standing around the fringe of the matted playground surface, watching unfamiliar kids chase up ladders and down chutes, all the while calling one another by name. Continue reading “Mom’s Playground Discipline Dilemma – Parenting Callemonit”

Aggressive Linear Distibution Implementation – Consumer Callemonit

Here’s a novel concept for a discount grocery store: Build a business model that cuts costs in previously unforeseen ways, then pass the savings onto the consumer. Amazing! With that mindset, it’s bound to be a huge success.

Yeah, I know. It’s not such a new idea. As always, I’m a day late and a dollar short.

But on the bright side, I do eat food, and unless I have a sustainable farm in my backyard (which I don’t), I can become one of the growing number of consumers who are currently benefiting from a smarter way of shopping.

Before I get to the Callemonit, maybe I should describe the modern supermarket I’m referring to and ways they save money. And since I’m not in the business, I will list characteristics based on my personal observations. Continue reading “Aggressive Linear Distibution Implementation – Consumer Callemonit”

Husband’s Softball Girlfriend Struggles – Marriage Callemonit

For all those employees who ever walked by a pinned photocopy invitation to play company softball, then smirked thinking, “Oh please! Softball isn’t a real sport like hardball,” they’d be sorely mistaken.

When that ball is launched from a scientifically engineered state of the art aluminum bat, and it bounces through a mind field of rocks on a poorly maintained municipal field, on its way to either the pocket of your glove or your eyeliner eyeball, you definitely aren’t thinking, “It’s ok…it’s just a softball.” There isn’t anything soft about it. Plus, it’s twice the size of a baseball.

What…you’re confused about the eyeliner reference? Did I mention it’s a coed softball league? And the requirement is to have at least one female player on the field the entire game.

We had two girls on our team, both starters and full time combatants. And they were pivotal to the success of softball’s version of The Steel Curtain. Continue reading “Husband’s Softball Girlfriend Struggles – Marriage Callemonit”

Holiday Help Hassle – Occupation Callemonit

Boy, the reality of adulthood can sure be a kick in the teeth. One minute you’re finessing backhands over the net in a varsity tennis championship, and the next you’re cutting lawns for your father’s landscape business. Granted, he let you enjoy a couple weeks post graduation of sleeping late with no responsibility. But on the Tuesday after the Memorial Day Holiday, it was time to man a mower.

You sure wish you’d paid more attention to the books in school. Your parents have always worked hard, but it’s been pretty much just making a living. So there was no college money earmarked for you.  Therefore you were banking on getting an athletic scholarship. But on all your career days and during every guilt ridden interview, the immediate red flag was your poor grades. No institution was willing to overlook academic underachievement for the sake of athleticism.

As a result of your lack of effort, you were given an ultimatum. If you were to remain under your parents roof and were no longer a student, you had to get a job. Continue reading “Holiday Help Hassle – Occupation Callemonit”

Bar Boys Blunder – Friendship Callemonit

You and your best buddy Denny have lived in the same small Boston town your whole lives. And for forty plus hours a week, you work for a very reputable roofing company. That means decent pay and steady employment. It’s an honest living for a couple of twenty-something single guys, but it’s not the dream career of owning a bar.

In Boston, there’s practically a corner bar…well…on every corner. But you and Denny are loyal to just one.

It’s called O’Neil’s Pub. Out front is a wooden sign shaped like a shamrock. But it’s not the customary Kelly green however. The paint is a faded mint with orange stains from the rusted chain supports. Even the letters have fallen victim to time and temperature. Newcomers to the neighborhood actually call it Neil’s Pub. Continue reading “Bar Boys Blunder – Friendship Callemonit”

Missing When She Had Your Undivided Attention – Marriage Callemonit

During the 70’s, growing up in a large Italian American family had some specific guidelines about interacting with the outside world. It was a different time.

Mother would say, “Listen here kids! When you walk out that front door, you are representing the entire family. You will look proper and act proper. You will not disrespect our name, and you will not embarrass me.”

And Dad would add, “Remember, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And never tell anyone what goes on behind closed doors.”

That was quite bit of pressure for a seven year old heading to the bus stop carrying a Star Wars lunchbox.

But in the family way, you embraced the feeling of belonging and loyalty. Continue reading “Missing When She Had Your Undivided Attention – Marriage Callemonit”