Teenage Body Image Stress – Parenting Callemonit

It’s said that of all the five senses, “smell” has the strongest memory recall.  For instance, heavy colognes and perfumes remind you of teenage dating.  Baking cookies brings you home to Mom’s house.  And fragrant candles are associated with holidays.

Likewise, this theory holds true for the pungent aroma of a boys high school locker room.  Mix mildew, deodorant, Bengay, and body odor, and you get a concoction that will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

However in your case, this stinky blast from the past elicits more than, “Ooh! Smells like a school gym locker in here.” Continue reading “Teenage Body Image Stress – Parenting Callemonit”

Dog Needs A Doghouse – Neighbor Callemonit

Forty years ago, you and your newlywed wife bought a single house in the suburbs. It was much too big for just two people and a dog, so filling it with the pitter-patter of little feet seemed like the right thing to do.

When all the child-rearing was complete, four confident pairs of shoes walked out the front door, and it was surely an eclectic array of personalities. There were high heels, sneakers, work boots, and a pair of wingtips.

As proud parents, you and your beloved faced each other at the threshold, breathed a sigh of relief, extended a congratulatory high five, and re-entered a sadly unfamiliar abode…a big quiet empty house.  Even the sounds of barking could only be heard in Heaven. Continue reading “Dog Needs A Doghouse – Neighbor Callemonit”

Reunion Worsens Depression – Friendship Callemonit

Ten years ago, you were twenty-three and your high school was having a five year reunion. Normally reunions start at the tenth year.  But your graduating class was a very tight knit group, so getting together on a Saturday night at a fire station hall was more than just an excuse to party and dance, it was an opportunity to re-establish connections with old friends.

For you particularly, it was a reuniting of “The Three S’s” or the “Super Smart Sisters” or the “Sultry Soul Singers.” Whatever the name was back in the day, a title you and your two best girlfriends actually dubbed yourselves, it simply reflected the fact that you were dear friends and all your names started with “S.” Continue reading “Reunion Worsens Depression – Friendship Callemonit”

Beach Vacation Etiquette – Public Callemonit

Nothing’s better than a beach vacation.  And probably the best version of the sun soaked sand oasis is at an island resort. Private getaways provide opportunity to overlook the ocean blue and bask in the sunshine under cotton candy skies, with no unwanted intrusion.

But what if this picturesque retreat with all inclusive amenities isn’t quite in your budget? Instead, your rest and relaxation will hopefully be achieved on the coastline of a heavily populated shore community. Fancy drinks out of coconut shells, surrounded by palm trees, are replaced by soda cups and wall to wall rainbow umbrellas. Continue reading “Beach Vacation Etiquette – Public Callemonit”

Kids Toys Everywhere – Neighbor Callemonit

You and your newlywed wife have saved enough money to move out of an apartment and become first time homebuyers. Admittedly you are not very handy, so you convince your beloved to buy a house that’s move in ready, new construction.

It takes a little time, but you eventually find an affordable development that accommodates two main requirements. It’s located close to the train station, since you both commute a far distance to work, and it’s in a good school district for when kids enter the picture.

The new house is a twin design. It has a decent sized patch of grass for a front yard but practically no backyard. It also has a one car driveway but no garage. So, in terms of outdoor storage space, everyone has a  small shed along the side of the house for the lawnmower and basic landscaping tools. Continue reading “Kids Toys Everywhere – Neighbor Callemonit”

Weight A Minute Please – Friendship Callemonit

The relationship between women is a remarkable social dynamic, ever evolving yet reliably stable and able to support the weight of the world. Comparatively, it’s more dependable than frivolous bromances born over beers while commiserating pro team shortcomings.

Specifically, one minute two twenty something female coworkers are complete strangers, and the next they’re bridesmaids at each other’s weddings. When honesty is the foundation, the female bond endures a lifetime.

With a sweaty palm and shaky hand, you nervously hit a “3” on the elevator panel. You have just a few floors to prepare for crossing the border into a hostile country, or at least that’s how it feels. As the doors opens, you are inundated with foreign sights and sounds. And stepping from the transporter, you pause and look down the distant aisle. You just want to locate a friendly face. Continue reading “Weight A Minute Please – Friendship Callemonit”

Salmon Surprise – Consumer Callemonit

You and your wife have worked hard all your lives.  You’ve successfully raised two children, a boy and a girl, and they have families of their own. Now it’s time to settle into retirement and relax. You spend some time golfing and playing cards with the guys.  And your wife takes yoga and joins a book club.

Plus, you always make time for each other. Long walks along the creek and matinee movies are your favorites.  And let’s not forget Friday Fish Night.  For practically a lifetime, your wife has made a delicious fish dinner every week, usually salmon.

One afternoon on your ride home from the card game, you pass a local restaurant that specializes in seafood. The parking lot is packed. You’ve heard good things about it from your buddies. You decide to stop in and grab a menu.  You have an idea about future Friday Fish Nights. Continue reading “Salmon Surprise – Consumer Callemonit”

Wife’s Baseball Field Flirtation – Marriage Callemonit

Spring has finally arrived.  The crisp overnight air is making way for bright sunshine and singing birds.  It’s time to break open the musky bat bag and hit the field. Yes, it’s baseball season all across America, and for beginners, t-ball time.

You are a thirty-two year old mom, happily married, with a little girl and a six year old boy. This will be your first experience as a parent bringing your son to the baseball field and watching him play organized sports. He’s been tossing the ball around the yard since he was four.

Your husband is very athletic and a good teacher. So in addition to throwing, your little guy can catch and hit with ease.  Continue reading “Wife’s Baseball Field Flirtation – Marriage Callemonit”

Girlfriend Gone Wild – Friendship Callemonit

You and your girlfriend have been the best of friends, practically out of the womb. Both your moms went to the same birthing class and ultimately delivered within a week of each other. Plus, they were close friends in high school and lived in the same small town. So it stands to reason, their children were destined to grow up together.

You have similar likes and dislikes, whether it’s food, clothes, movies, and even taste in boys. You are both physically attractive but in slightly different ways. You have very pretty faces, but she’s a bit more endowed, and you have always been known for your long legs. Still, neither of you flaunt your good looks. You are probably considered conservative, sort of “the girl nextdoor.” Continue reading “Girlfriend Gone Wild – Friendship Callemonit”

Divorce Devastates Daughter – Parenting Callemonit

It’s a harsh reality when parents are heading for a divorce.  And often overlooked is the negative impact arguing and bickering has on the children. The parents tend to be so consumed with who’s to blame for what, they ignore the kids. And when parents finally conclude a permanent separation is the only option, the children have become accustomed to the fighting, actually numb.

They not only witnessed the gradual disunion, but have also undergone an unhealthy disconnect as well.

This has been the way of life for a fifteen year old girl, literally two years of watching the destruction of a relationship that started with “to death do us part.” So regardless of rings and promises, the divorce is finalized and living arrangements are changing. The mom chooses to move out, far away to another state. The father is keeping the house and supposedly staying with his daughter. The girl is happy not to relocate and go to a new school. Continue reading “Divorce Devastates Daughter – Parenting Callemonit”