Bar Boys Blunder – Friendship Callemonit

You and your best buddy Denny have lived in the same small Boston town your whole lives. And for forty plus hours a week, you work for a very reputable roofing company. That means decent pay and steady employment. It’s an honest living for a couple of twenty-something single guys, but it’s not the dream career of owning a bar.

In Boston, there’s practically a corner bar…well…on every corner. But you and Denny are loyal to just one.

It’s called O’Neil’s Pub. Out front is a wooden sign shaped like a shamrock. But it’s not the customary Kelly green however. The paint is a faded mint with orange stains from the rusted chain supports. Even the letters have fallen victim to time and temperature. Newcomers to the neighborhood actually call it Neil’s Pub. Continue reading “Bar Boys Blunder – Friendship Callemonit”

Reunion Worsens Depression – Friendship Callemonit

Ten years ago, you were twenty-three and your high school was having a five year reunion. Normally reunions start at the tenth year.  But your graduating class was a very tight knit group, so getting together on a Saturday night at a fire station hall was more than just an excuse to party and dance, it was an opportunity to re-establish connections with old friends.

For you particularly, it was a reuniting of “The Three S’s” or the “Super Smart Sisters” or the “Sultry Soul Singers.” Whatever the name was back in the day, a title you and your two best girlfriends actually dubbed yourselves, it simply reflected the fact that you were dear friends and all your names started with “S.” Continue reading “Reunion Worsens Depression – Friendship Callemonit”

Weight A Minute Please – Friendship Callemonit

The relationship between women is a remarkable social dynamic, ever evolving yet reliably stable and able to support the weight of the world. Comparatively, it’s more dependable than frivolous bromances born over beers while commiserating pro team shortcomings.

Specifically, one minute two twenty something female coworkers are complete strangers, and the next they’re bridesmaids at each other’s weddings. When honesty is the foundation, the female bond endures a lifetime.

With a sweaty palm and shaky hand, you nervously hit a “3” on the elevator panel. You have just a few floors to prepare for crossing the border into a hostile country, or at least that’s how it feels. As the doors opens, you are inundated with foreign sights and sounds. And stepping from the transporter, you pause and look down the distant aisle. You just want to locate a friendly face. Continue reading “Weight A Minute Please – Friendship Callemonit”

Girlfriend Gone Wild – Friendship Callemonit

You and your girlfriend have been the best of friends, practically out of the womb. Both your moms went to the same birthing class and ultimately delivered within a week of each other. Plus, they were close friends in high school and lived in the same small town. So it stands to reason, their children were destined to grow up together.

You have similar likes and dislikes, whether it’s food, clothes, movies, and even taste in boys. You are both physically attractive but in slightly different ways. You have very pretty faces, but she’s a bit more endowed, and you have always been known for your long legs. Still, neither of you flaunt your good looks. You are probably considered conservative, sort of “the girl nextdoor.” Continue reading “Girlfriend Gone Wild – Friendship Callemonit”

Gym Girlfriend Guilty As Charged – Friendship Callemonit

You made it to your 40’s.  You’re hanging in there pretty good for your age, but you want to look and feel better. The kids are older and drive themselves to work and activities, and your husband loves to watch sports. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for some “me time” at the gym.

You find a gym that offers a variety of activities, not just exercise equipment and weights. You just want to decompress, get in shape, and maybe fit into a smaller dress size. A dance aerobics class is the perfect choice.

And after just two weeks and a lot of sweat, you are thrilled with your decision, especially the results. Your cardio is up, you have more energy, lost a few pounds, and even made a friend. Continue reading “Gym Girlfriend Guilty As Charged – Friendship Callemonit”