Marriage Poll #12

You see it coming a mile away. A loving greeting from your wife after a long day at work can quickly turn to a lecture on all the things you're doing wrong or not doing at all, from parenting to yardwork. You're never sure which approach will bring you the most grief, you know, "fight-or-flight."

Marriage Poll #11

Your husband lifts his head from the credit card statement and says, "I've noticed a little more shopping than usual and restaurant charges, for that matter. Is there something you want to tell me?"

Marriage Poll #10

You've hinted to sex in the past. Your wife sniffed out your intentions and said no. You decided to start off with flowers. She was pleasantly surprised, BUT she still said no.

Marriage Poll #9

Your husband expresses his feelings in a different way than you. He's more business like, serious, and analytical. You, on the other hand, have no problem showing your sensitive side. Unfortunately, when you get upset, he gets frustrated, as if you created another problem for him to fix.

Marriage Poll #8

Admittedly, a well intentioned and executed Callemonit in response to a narcissist's behavior will likely have very little positive impact. But maybe you believe your relationship will go the distance, because your words are being heard. Maybe there's a glimmer of hope in which Callemonit can help "manage narcissistic tendencies." Here's the scenario. Your husband comes home from work and says, "Honey, I'm not real hungry for dinner. The boss' wife surprised the whole office with a homemade lunch. He's a lucky guy. She's an awesome cook."

Marriage Poll #7

A mom's job is exhausting, always on the clock. Your husband should help around the house once in awhile.

Marriage Poll #6

Being a mom is a full-time job, leaving little free time and energy. Even still, you would rather feel love and romance than just plain sex.

Marriage Poll #5

Your husband works hard and is a great provider, but he doesn't seem interested in the kids' lives.

Marriage Poll #4

It's not like he has to win you over. You're married and you love him. But you sure do wish he showed the same romantic chivalry from when you were dating.

Marriage Poll #3

Your husband gives you the silent treatment when he's mad.