Mom’s Playground Discipline Dilemma – Parenting Callemonit

Finally, the dog days of summer are nearly in the books. Jill and her five year old son Kyle have been cooped up in their tiny air conditioned apartment for nearly a week. With temperatures unseasonably warm, rising above 90, it’s been too hot to hit the playground. Plus the plastic slides, which are Kyle’s favorite, cook in the midday sun like a stovetop.

So a welcomed cold front is the perfect remedy for a touch of cabin fever.

But Kyle’s opportunity to run off some energy is dependent on more than weather. He needs his partner in crime, five year old Joey. The two tykes are best buddies on the primary colored apparatus.

Unfortunately, Joey has made the cutoff age for preschool enrollment.

This leaves Kyle standing around the fringe of the matted playground surface, watching unfamiliar kids chase up ladders and down chutes, all the while calling one another by name. Continue reading “Mom’s Playground Discipline Dilemma – Parenting Callemonit”

Teenage Body Image Stress – Parenting Callemonit

It’s said that of all the five senses, “smell” has the strongest memory recall.  For instance, heavy colognes and perfumes remind you of teenage dating.  Baking cookies brings you home to Mom’s house.  And fragrant candles are associated with holidays.

Likewise, this theory holds true for the pungent aroma of a boys high school locker room.  Mix mildew, deodorant, Bengay, and body odor, and you get a concoction that will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

However in your case, this stinky blast from the past elicits more than, “Ooh! Smells like a school gym locker in here.” Continue reading “Teenage Body Image Stress – Parenting Callemonit”

Divorce Devastates Daughter – Parenting Callemonit

It’s a harsh reality when parents are heading for a divorce.  And often overlooked is the negative impact arguing and bickering has on the children. The parents tend to be so consumed with who’s to blame for what, they ignore the kids. And when parents finally conclude a permanent separation is the only option, the children have become accustomed to the fighting, actually numb.

They not only witnessed the gradual disunion, but have also undergone an unhealthy disconnect as well.

This has been the way of life for a fifteen year old girl, literally two years of watching the destruction of a relationship that started with “to death do us part.” So regardless of rings and promises, the divorce is finalized and living arrangements are changing. The mom chooses to move out, far away to another state. The father is keeping the house and supposedly staying with his daughter. The girl is happy not to relocate and go to a new school. Continue reading “Divorce Devastates Daughter – Parenting Callemonit”