Beach Vacation Etiquette – Public Callemonit

Nothing’s better than a beach vacation.  And probably the best version of the sun soaked sand oasis is at an island resort. Private getaways provide opportunity to overlook the ocean blue and bask in the sunshine under cotton candy skies, with no unwanted intrusion.

But what if this picturesque retreat with all inclusive amenities isn’t quite in your budget? Instead, your rest and relaxation will hopefully be achieved on the coastline of a heavily populated shore community. Fancy drinks out of coconut shells, surrounded by palm trees, are replaced by soda cups and wall to wall rainbow umbrellas. Continue reading “Beach Vacation Etiquette – Public Callemonit”

Soccer Saturday Spoiled – Public Callemonit

You are at your seven year old’s soccer game, and it’s about halfway through the season. All the parents seem friendly. Some sit and drink coffee, looking at their phones, randomly calling out there child’s name. Others pace the sidelines, clapping, cheering, and speaking in soccer lingo.

And then there’s the majority of the parents who pay attention, somewhat. They are careful not to miss when their child is on the field, because it’s a long ride home when you miss a little tyke’s big goal. These parents tend to be open to conversations with other similar behaving parents. And you and your spouse are in this category.

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and just a few minutes into the game. You make eye contact with a couple you’ve seen for almost three years now. Your kids always end up on the same team together. You usually just wave hello and goodbye, mention the weather, and make a quick comment about the game. You feel like you know each other, yet for some reason, you’ve never taken the time to formally meet, until today. Continue reading “Soccer Saturday Spoiled – Public Callemonit”

Rush Hour Ridiculousness – Public Callemonit

You’re driving home from a long day at work.  It’s rush hour, and a thirty minute commute is leaning closer to an hour and a half. You are a cautious and patient driver. You realize the obvious, everyone on the road is dealing with the same congestion.

Then there’s that wannabe king of the road. They are bobbing and weaving in and out of traffic, getting very close to other vehicles. They speed up, change lanes, slow down, brake constantly, and basically get no further than anyone else. You’ve been watching it unfold for miles, and now the reckless driver is near you. It’s time to become a defensive driver, because you don’t know what they’re going to do next. Continue reading “Rush Hour Ridiculousness – Public Callemonit”