Holiday Help Hassle – Workplace Callemonit

Boy, the reality of adulthood can sure be a kick in the teeth. One minute you’re finessing backhands over the net in a varsity tennis championship, and the next you’re cutting lawns for your father’s landscape business. Granted, he let you enjoy a couple weeks post graduation of sleeping late with no responsibility. But on the Tuesday after the Memorial Day Holiday, it was time to man a mower.

You sure wish you’d paid more attention to the books in school. Your parents have always worked hard, but it’s been pretty much just making a living. So there was no college money earmarked for you.  Therefore you were banking on getting an athletic scholarship. But on all your career days and during every guilt ridden interview, the immediate red flag was your poor grades. No institution was willing to overlook academic underachievement for the sake of athleticism.

As a result of your lack of effort, you were given an ultimatum. If you were to remain under your parents roof and were no longer a student, you had to get a job. Continue reading “Holiday Help Hassle – Workplace Callemonit”

Working Man Woes – Workplace Callemonit

You are an attractive man in your late twenties.  You went to college, but a white collar career didn’t appeal to you. You’ve always gravitated towards blue collar construction jobs. You pride yourself at always being in peak physical condition, and you love working with your hands. Unfortunately, most of the jobs you pick are just that, jobs. You haven’t found a stable career in the field you enjoy. And to top things off, you are newly married with a child on the way. It’s time to find steady employment with health benefits.

Welcome the 90’s, and big box stores are flooding the market, especially in the home improvement sector. The pay is good, with opportunity for growth. And there’s an opening in the lumber department at a local store. The manager seems very impressed by your knowledge and motivation, and offers you a position on the spot. Continue reading “Working Man Woes – Workplace Callemonit”