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marriage posts

Missing When She Had Your Undivided Attention

Husband’s Softball Girlfriend Struggles

Wife’s Baseball Field Flirtation

friendship posts

Bar Boys Blunder

Reunion Worsens Depression

Weight A Minute Please

Girlfriend Gone Wild

Gym Girlfriend Guilty As Charged

workplace posts

Holiday Help Hassle

Working Man Woes

Parenting posts

Teenage Body Image Stress

Divorce Devastates Daughter

Mom’s Playground Discipline Dilemma

Neighbor posts

Dog Needs A Doghouse

Kids Toys Everywhere

consumer posts

Aggressive Linear Distribution Implementation

Salmon Surprise

public posts

Beach Vacation Etiquette

Soccer Saturday Spoiled

Rush Hour Ridiculousness

marriage polls

#1 Husband Smells Like Perfume

#2 Husband “Friends” Ex On Social Media

#3 Husband Gives Silent Treatment

#4 Husband Stops Holding Hands

#5 Husband Hardly Knows The Kids

#6 Husband Wants Sex, Not Love

#7 Husband Never Helps Around House

#8 Husband Praises Boss’ Wife’s Cooking

#9 Husband Sees Feelings As Problem To Fix

#10 Wife Says No To Sex

#11 Husband Doesn’t Give Attention

#12 Wife Is Always Nagging

parenting polls

#1 Teen’s Breath Smells Like Beer

#2 Mother-In-Law Undermines Parenting

#3 OCD – Son Hand Washing

#4 OCD – Son Smiles Less

workplace polls

#1 Boss Says Dress Looks Sexy

neighbor polls

#1 Kitchen Mixer Is Returned Damaged