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  1. Husband Responds Like A Cornered Rat
  2. Husband Walks Away After Wife’s Compliment
  3. Husband Says Wife And Female Associate Could Be Friends
  4. Husband Insults Wife’s Attempt To Blog For Income
  5. Husband Is Clueless About Menopause
  6. A Guy Is Baffled By Ex’s Behavior

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1)  The following pin references a wife’s apprehension to confront her husband about something he’s doing that bothers her.  It might even be something minor.  She avoids Callemonit, because she knows his immediate reaction is to get defensive, and her attempt to have honest communication will end up turning into an argument.  What would you tell her?

Callemonit Lifestyle

2)  This next pin was a surprise to me.  When he gave me this answer, I scratched my head and chuckled uncomfortably.  I told him, “You should Callemonit and tell her why you hate how she follows up a compliment with a criticism.” Then he looked at me as if I told him the moon was made of cheese.  What’s your advice for this guy?  And why does she do it?

Callemonit Lifestyle

3)  Since I’m a guy, this next pin sounds like something stupid I might have said over the years.  God bless my wife for not giving me an elbow to the chin.  Anyway, aside from violence, what would you recommend this wife does?   How does she Callemonit?

Callemonit Lifestyle

4)  The following pin is regarding an email I received.  It was signed, Heartbroken, and she didn’t mention the name of the blog she was working on.  I replied to her to give encouragement.  She responded only, “I’m sorry I bothered you with my problem.  All is good now.  Just taking a little break from the blog.” Well, maybe she’ll visit this blog again, read this pin, and hopefully get some meaningful advice from you.  I’d hate for her to just give up on her blog.

Callemonit Lifestyle

5)  The story of this fifth pin continues with the neighbor replying, “Menopause?  You mean that old lady sh**, the change of life thing?” I said, “Yup, the very same sh**, but I would suggest being a little more sensitive…and uhh…careful about how you confront her, and the terminology you use…unless you have a yearning for a swift kick in the Christmas balls.” He laughed.  I finished with, “Listen, I’m no expert on hormones and menopause, but what I can do is reach out to people on my blog.  Maybe I’ll get you some good advice on how you can Callemonit?” So what should he say to her?

Callemonit Lifestyle

6)  This next pin documents a phone conversation I had with someone I met when I did construction.  He was a laborer at the time and eventually worked his way through the ranks.  He’s much younger than me and still in the dating scene.  Our talk continued, “Yeah Dude, what she’s doing isn’t exactly Callemonit, but if you decide to address her behavior, ask her what gives…well that’s Callemonit.  Now…I don’t want to give you bad advice…I’ve been married forever.  I can’t even remember all the head games.” Then I proceeded to tell him about the old book “MEN ARE FROM MARS, Women Are From Venus.” He never heard of it.  I concluded with, “I’ll seek advice on my blog.”  So, what’s going on here, and what should he say to her?

Callemonit Lifestyle
This book has withstood the test of time and has received excellent reviews.




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