Couples Love – The Deterrent Callemonit

Often when you Callemonit and address unfavorable behavior, whether it’s toward a person, a group, a company, or even a government, and you have support like this

…enthusiastic people behind you who are willing to brave sweltering

and soaking

and venture through this

to be a part of something they believe in…you in turn, feel like this

and as a result of being empowered by the masses, you get that someone to

and things start to change for the better…hopefully.  But what if your circumstance, the thing that’s bothering you, doesn’t come with strength in numbers…should feelings of being alone on an

discourage you from enacting a calm and thought out

…I say absolutely

because just like whomever is on the receiving end of a Callemonit from large gatherings with these

and these

the person(s) whom you peacefully confront in everyday life will also get the point and regret the ramification of not trying to change…wait, let’s focus on the word

…for instance, speculate on the ramification, the consequence that might occur if determined protesters like these

get ignored…well from a political standpoint, a scrutinized and nonresponsive politician will tend to get less of these

when it’s time for voters to go here

and they could end up losing their

and from a business perspective, if they’re a CEO of a large company for instance, and their practices are likewise under

that similar fear of getting the

becomes a motivator, the necessary incentive to get them to change their ways…and that would be a Callemonit

but wait, there’s more…it’s the best part…the

on the


of being on the wrong end of a justified Callemonit evolves into a

for those political and business leaders and their future dealings.  Actually, the successful Callemonit isn’t just a deterrent…it’s now a bonified

for all those who dare to venture down a

of corruption, abuse, neglect, etc.  Wow, can that Callemonit power be in your

as well…in a relationship…especially throughout your

…seriously, if there’s something you think needs improvement…something that’s hurting your feelings…speak up…Callemonit, because you truly care…and then if your pleas are still ignored for no good reason, consider giving signals as to how things can be…you know…the ramification of disregarding the vow of a forever team…maybe start with this

…no, not exactly that kind…the head turn is fine…but I’m talking about when it feels like this

because this


until further notice…or maybe you can hide in your man

and watch this

and drink these

round the

…so does that seem childish or spiteful from either of you?  I don’t think so, because Callemonit is important stuff…it’s what you believe in your heart…and when it’s disrespected, you send a message, an uncomfortable deterrent…then after a bit, you climb back on the

and try Callemonit again and again and again…never stop…because your


are worth it!

I hope you find Callemonit interesting.  Please, if there’s anything you want to add or even dispute, leave a comment below.  Let’s get the conversation started to make the world a happier place.

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