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Whether you believe or not, consider Heaven exists, and there’s a final process before gaining access.

St. Peter is standing guard at The Pearly Gates.  What you did during your time on Earth has to be evaluated and approved.  If you lived a good purposeful life…chances are you’ll get in.

Lewis Jones was an ordinary guy, an auto mechanic with a wife, two kids, five grandchildren, two great grandchildren, and multiple cats and dogs over the years.  He made it to 89 and died of natural causes asleep in bed.

While standing in line listening to St. Peter recount the accomplishments of potential entrants, Lewis becomes increasingly nervous.  There was a doctor who treated cancer, a teacher who taught deaf children, and an activist who fought for…well…basically everyone and everything.

It’s Lewis’ turn.  He approaches St. Peter sitting in a comfy chair and holding an iPad.  There’s a second chair waiting, but Lewis hesitates to join him, “St. Peter, I’ll be honest…after hearing that story of the doctor and the teacher and…like, oh my God, that civil rights activist…she helped so many poor and underprivileged people across the world.  I was just an auto mechanic.”

St. Peter: “Lewis…sit.  Rest assured there are plenty of auto mechanics in Heaven…but that’s not what I want to talk to you about.”

St. Peter spun the iPad around and showed Lewis a young man’s face, 25 years old.

St. Peter: “Do you remember him?”

Lewis: “Sure…he used to work for me in my shop…just a few months though.  Then I think he opened his own garage somewhere…real talented kid…Craig…no, no, Carl.”

St. Peter: “Lewis, are you familiar with the butterfly effect?”

Lewis looks confused, “Was it a movie…I wasn’t a big movie guy, or TV for that matter…mostly sports and sometimes one of those reality singin’-“

St. Peter interjects, “How ’bout the snowball effect?”

Lewis: “You mean like how a little snowball rolls down a hill and becomes a giant snowball?”

St. Peter: “Well, sort of…I’m thinking more of how something small, when set into motion, can have a dramatic effect on future occurrences.”

Lewis confidently, “Kinda like a ripple effect!”

St. Peter: “Exactly…a ripple effect.” St. Peter starts a video on the iPad, “Take a look at this.”

Lewis and Carl are sitting on the tailgate of a truck outside Lewis’ shop, eating their lunch.

Lewis: “So you and your wife are newly married?”

Carl: “Yeah, as of five months ago…crazy thinking about it you know.  Just five months ago we were engaged, lived in an apartment, and had a cat.  Now we’re married, just bought a house, still got the cat, of course…my wife’s buggin’ about getting a dog…and oh yeah… she told me this morning she’s pregnant.”

Lewis extends his hand, “Congratulations…you must be excited.”

Carl obliges: “Thank you…and well…I am excited…thrilled to be exact…but…(long pause)…I don’t know…I gotta feeling I’m gonna be a crappy dad.”

Lewis laughs, “What in the world…I think your first time dad jitters are kickin’ in about 7 or 8 months early.”

Carl chuckles a little as well but then gets right to the point, “Lew, what would you do if the neighborhood kids play basketball in the street, right nextdoor to you…and when they’re done…wherever the ball lays, is where the ball stays…and half the time it’s on your lawn?

Lewis: “Before I answer…what have you done about it?”

Carl: “Nothing, and it’s bothering the hell out of me…I mean…this might sound insane, but I’m starting to hate these teenagers, and all they’re doing is playing basketball.  I don’t even know them…and to make matters worse, I’m drivin’ my wife nuts too.  If I look out the window, and the ball’s laying there, I complain like the world’s comin’ to an end.  Seriously Lew…what kinda dad would act like that?”

Lewis puts his hand on Carl’s leg, “Listen Son…whatever you think you know about people…and the world…think again…then rethink it again…” He takes a sip of iced tea.  “…I used to think I knew everything.  I’d fly off the handle more often than not…but do you know what it got me…nothing…nothing but grief and aggravation.  If you want to be a good father…listen more…talk more…be open minded.  The next time you see those boys playing basketball, don’t be afraid to call them on it…but don’t go at them like a caged animal…first, calmly introduce yourself…be sure to ask their names…then shoot the sh** a little.  You’ll be surprised what good and interesting kids they are…trust me.  Then when the time is right…and you’ll feel it…mention about them leaving the ball on your lawn.”

St. Peter stops the video.

Lewis scratches his head, “I don’t know Pete…do you mind if I call you Pete?”

St. Peter: “Actually, I prefer St. Peter.”

Lewis smiles, “Ok…anyway, I’m not sure what’s so amazing about that video…what I said and all.  I don’t even know how it turned out…that was one of Carl’s last days with me.”

St. Peter: “Remember Lewis, the ripple effect…Carl did take your advice on how to Callemonit…” St. Peter hands the iPad to Lewis, “…just scroll to the right.”

Lewis: “Who are all these people?”

St. Peter: “Keep going…there’s quite a few.”

Lewis grins and concedes by shrugging his shoulders, “Ok…but I still don’t get it.  None of them look familiar…” He’s still swiping.  “…one thing for sure though…they all look happy.”

St. Peter: “Hand me the iPad…” He sits up straight on the edge of his chair, takes the tablet from Lewis, places it on the cushion behind him, then leans forward and rests his elbows on his knees, preparing for serious disclosure.  “…Lewis, the way you intently watched football and basketball games, scrutinizing every decision, wondering, If they’d only called that one play…that one move…everything would have been different.

Lewis: “Are you talkin’ about the ripple effect again?”

St. Peter with a twinkle in his eye, “Now you’re catchin’ on…” He leans forward even more and places his hand on Lewis’ knee.  “…you were right about all those people being happy.  That advice you gave Carl made them happy…continues to make them happy.”

Lewis: “What did Carl do?”

St. Peter: “He did just what you told him…to the letter…and then…then he started the story of dozens of lives…a story that will continue to be written for generations to come.  You see, Lewis…those young boys playing basketball were reaching out in a way that you were all-too-familiar with…and it’s why your advice came with such conviction.  Just like you…their fathers weren’t in their lives.  And you knew full well that ball on the lawn was them saying, Nobody cares about us anyway…

Lewis is crying.  The people in line are crying.

St. Peter continues, “…and the decision to Callemonit and explain the importance of showing respect for people’s property, albeit successful, suddenly appeared to Carl as more of an opportunity for greatness…than a way to protect a flower bed.  He realized he had the boys’ undivided attention…that they wanted structure and direction…they were yearning for it.  And you heard right…Carl did open his own garage…and his first four employees were those boys.  After school, they would come to his shop, and he taught them a trade that gave them a freedom to fulfill all their dreams.  Your inspiration and his Callemonit spread like…”

Lewis quietly, “…the ripple effect.

At that moment, the Gates of Heaven opened.

For this blog and my message of Callemonit to successful, we all have to take a moment…that time when a decision to or not to Callemonit in life is being debated…and consider the positive ramifications, the ripples, that can come from honest communication…the Callemonit Effect.

And don’t be afraid to comment on anything discussed in this blog.  Tell your stories of success and give advice, just like Lewis did for Carl.  Maybe someday, people will come to to gain the incentive and confidence they need to express true feelings and make the world a better place.

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