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Featured 03-11-19
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Featured 03-11-19
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If you’ve read the Home Page and the 7 Day Challenge, you’ve gotten a chance to look behind the curtain at the lives of John, Karen, and their children. Some of these pins reflect more of their saga.

John works in a hardware store. Actually, the sign by the entrance says, O’Leary’s Lumber and Supply. What started as a 4 person Mom and Pop with a gumball machine by the glass case register and an overworked key cutter, now employs 23 and has a delivery truck with attached forklift.

Even still, it’s modest in terms of workers, inventory, and revenue compared to the local big box home improvement chain. With that reality always looming over the store’s bottom line, all O’Leary’s employees are instructed to go above and beyond to cultivate a loyal customer base.

It’s Friday morning 8:45, and Anthony from AG Construction comes walking in the store right to the front desk, John’s usual location. John has been with O’Leary’s for 17 years. He knows all the ins and outs of construction materials and ordering.

John: “Yo Ant, what’s goin’ on?”

Anthony: “Jon-Jon, just the man I want to see.”

John and Anthony are comfortable with each other. They met at freshman orientation in high school and were friends throughout. Although they rarely see each other outside the store, they’re chummy enough to exercise plenty of reminiscing and shop talk.

Anthony drops his binder on the counter, “Dude, I’m starting to regret getting as big as I am. I’ve got too much goin’ on at once, between the new construction and renovations, my regular crew is locked down daily…I can’t give them enough overtime…and now I’m subbin’ out to the Mexican crews…”

John knows the deal. Anthony will pull up to the front door of the store in his oversized custom diesel pickup truck, straddle two parking spaces, one of which is a handicap spot, then come in smelling like cologne and carrying an extra large coffee. Then he’ll throw up a speech he’s rehearsed in the shower and will likely repeat five times that day. All John has to do is stroke his narcissist ego, and then they can get to the reason for his visit…hopefully.

John: “Ant, you’re the man…and Mr. Reilly said you’d never amount to anything.”

Anthony: “Yeah, that f***in’ mick prick always rode my ass…made me miss Homecoming and all.”

John: “Dude, settle down…Mr. O’ is like stealth in here. And he’s not shy to show his Irish temper. You know how many times I heard the story of his flag tattoo…he punched out the artist when he finished, because he thought the orange looked too red…What the f***, what am I a f***in’ dego? The next morning the whiskey wears off, and he takes another look, No sh**, it is orange. And he didn’t do sh** to make amends…I mean, he never even paid for it.”

Anthony giggles a little, “Besides the dego comment…f*** him too…it’s actually a pretty funny story.” Just then Kelly walks in. “Hey Kell, look at you…still rockin’ that short hairdo…lookin’ good.”

Kelly’s the secretary…well, actually much more than a secretary. She oversees purchasing, inventory, scheduling, marketing, and a host of other things. She also went to high school with the guys and was best friends with Karen.

Anthony continues, “Ever gonna let it grow out again?”

Kelly keeps walking to her office and doesn’t even turn her head, “Nope.”

Anthony lowers his voice, “Man Jon-Jon…that Kelly’s a real piece a ass. She was the second hottest girl in school…you tappin’ that yet?”

Just then another contractor walks in.

John changes the subject, “Alright Ant, what do you need…I got work to do?”

Anthony: “Ok so here’s the list…the head Mexican told me over the phone…but I swear I can’t understand a thing he says…you think they’d have at least one of them who speaks f***in’ English.”

John: “Why don’t you just bring him in next time? I can walk him around the supply room to make sure we’re on the same-“

Anthony: “Dude, for one thing, you don’t stop their little hands and feet from movin’ if you wanna make money…and another…I ain’t puttin’ them in my new truck.”

John sort of laughs uncomfortably, “Alright, no problem…I’ll go through it, and if I got any questions I’ll call. Give me to around 10 tomorrow…I got a delivery truck comin’ in first thing.”

Anthony: “Cool…sounds good.” He pounds the counter a couple times and turns to leave, “You know Jon-Jon, you got it good…easy job…stress free life with #1…”

John: “Number 1…you mean #2?”

Anthony: “…nah, Kelly was 2nd best…but Karen was the hottest…you my friend got the #1 and the best catch…you should thank asshole Reilly for that.” Just as he’s almost out the door, he yells back, “I should have never asked you to stand in for me at Homecoming.”

There’s so much here that could be better. What should John have done? At the bottom of this page, there’s a Comment Box. If you have the time and the inclination to scroll through 100+ Callemonit pins, please, be my guest. I would love for you to get a real feel for the message of my Callemonit Lifestyle Movement. However, if you just want to leave a comment now, go to my Published Page in the menu. Thanks.

I recommend addressing concerns calmly. But if tempers grow and volume rises during Callemonit, it’s better than ignoring difficult topics altogether.
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