Callemonit Proud

What does it mean to be Callemonit Proud?

I will use The Breakfast Club, one of the all time best coming of age movies, as an example.

John Bender (played by Judd Nelson) chose to speak up when he realized four other fellow students were not being truthful about their feelings and actions.

His repeated questioning and commentary regarding their deceptive behaviors eventually prodded them into admitting the real reasons behind why they do what they do...and more importantly, that they don’t like how it makes them feel, and they want to change.

And in turn, those students flipped the script and had Bender reveal his secrets as well.

When he left detention and pumped his arm in the air, that was a feeling of accomplishment, being Callemonit Proud. In just a few hours, he witnessed life changing transformations in an athlete, a princess, a brain, a basket case, and himself, a criminal, simply from a collective willingness to call them on it, Callemonit.

The purpose of this page is to further dismiss the perception that when you choose to Callemonit, you are confronting someone in a hostile manner with complete disregard for that person.

On the contrary, I want people to have the confidence to calmly Callemonit with care. The intention is to bring good to the situation, improve all types of relationships, and create a positive Callemonit Lifestyle Movement, which is both a teaching and learning tool.

Seriously, wouldn’t we all love to pump our arm in the air after telling someone the truth about why their behavior is upsetting. And then as a result, the person actually hears the sincerity in our voice, understands their wrongdoing, and agrees to make a change.

I really think honest communication can better the world. And it might be easier than you think.

Callemonit would be a culture change. On the one hand, you’d have people who are willing to speak up for their opinions and beliefs. And on the other, you’d have people who are now fully aware that those who believe in the Callemonit Lifestyle Movement are no longer going turn a blind eye or a deaf ear.

The latter would be like a football player who sees a yellow penalty flag thrown his way, play after play. Eventually, if he wants to remain a player, he has to change his behavior.

Fear of constantly being on the wrong end of a Callemonit can be a very effective deterrent.

Consider the following scenarios. Do you think they merit a Callemonit? And if so, can they have peaceful positive results, Callemonit success?

(at a Play or Movie Theater) The person behind you is talking with someone throughout or commenting repeatedly about the action. You turn around and in a low voice, “Excuse me…I can’t hear with you talking.” They reply, “Oh, I’m sorry.” As a result, they are quiet for the remainder. Plus, they even remember your Callemonit for the next time they are at a theater.

That would make you Callemonit Proud, a real arm pump with the letter C as you walk through the parking lot after the performance.

And the same thing goes for the little kid who keeps kicking the back of your seat, and the person in front of you who’s looking at a bright cell phone the entire time. You don’t want to come across as acting like some sort of theater police…you just want to enjoy the experience the way it was meant to be.

(Married, but Dieting Alone) Everyone knows dieting sucks…or at least, I think it sucks. What’s more enjoyable, a pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni or a salad? Well, imagine your spouse either doesn’t need to or doesn’t want to diet with you…but while you’re trying your hardest to stay on track…they keep bringing home the greasy fatty foods you love, but can’t have.

“Honey, I love you, and I respect your decision not to diet…but to be honest…I don’t have the willpower to watch you eat the foods I wish I could have. Half the time, I end up finishing my salad and then grabbing a piece of pizza and a handful of fries…maybe we can try some new recipes to spice up our home cooked menu?”

The spouse would reply, “Hun, I’m sorry…I wasn’t being real supportive. I wouldn’t have the willpower either…I’m on board with trying new healthier alternatives.”

You’d be Callemonit Proud, arm pumping a C in the kitchen.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or advice for being Callemonit Proud, please leave in the Comment Box below.  Thank you!