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In the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s a character called Drax the Destroyer, played by actor Dave Bautista.

One of Drax’s most endearing qualities is his inability to decipher between truth and sarcasm.  He takes everything literally.  And in the same regard, he lacks a filter when he speaks.  His words are a reflection of exactly how he feels.

Drax would definitely be an excellent spokesperson for the Callemonit Lifestyle Movement.

But if Drax was giving a motivational speech about the benefits of expressing true feelings when you choose to Callemonit, there would still be plenty of doubters in the room.

The reason being, People hate confrontation…it’s much easier to just ignore something.

That’s why I have to more clearly explain what Callemonit means, how it’s basically making conversation for a better life.

Remember, you’re not being a nag or complainer.  You just see something about your world that’s bothering you, and you want to talk about it.

You have but one life…no regrets…be happy…what do you have to lose?

If hand holding has practically disappeared from your relationship, or it’s always you that has to initiate it, and you want it back, then Callemonit.

“Honey, when we’re walking on the beach, the boardwalk, in the park, through our neighborhood, heck…even in the supermarket parking lot, I love when you hold my hand.  It makes me feel safe, connected, and cherished.  Can you do it more often?”

As is the case with many relationships, money and spending are often topics of discussion.  So, it can become frustrating when someone dismisses agreements about the budget.  That would be a good time to Callemonit.

“Honey, I spend an hour every week going through circulars and scouring the internet looking for 30 cent coupons.  So when you stop by the supermarket to just pick up milk and end up coming home with full priced potato chips and granola bars as well, I feel disrespected…like I’m wasting my time…and it really hurts my feelings.  I’m not saying you’re not allowed to buy food, I’m simply asking that when you get something, be more aware of sale items…or maybe give me a heads up to find a deal.”

I will be adding more scenarios to this page.  Please leave any comments below.  Also, if you have an idea for When to Callemonit, please tell me.

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