Delivery Disrespect

You aren’t one to order things online. You like to go to the store and see what you’re paying for. Whether it’s a bra or an end table, you prefer to actually try it on or inspect it for flaws. But lately, it seems like manufacturers are pushing the online sales more than ever. They give better deals through their websites than at the brick and mortar locations. It’s becoming the way of the future, and you have been slowly joining the trend. But is the boom in online sales becoming more than the delivery companies can handle?
When you pull in your driveway after a long day at work, you are excited to see a package at your front door. It’s the new curtains you agonized over picking, or the shoes you wanted to wear at the upcoming wedding. But upon closer inspection, the package looks like it’s gotten run over by a truck, possibly the very same delivery truck. And sometimes the product itself is damaged. How did this happen? You can only assume that a package leaves the manufacturer in good condition. What occurred on the way to your house?
The manufacturer is always apologetic, and they usually do whatever it takes to make you happy. But in regards to the delivery company, don’t they realize the unnecessary aggravation they put you through? Maybe they figure you have no other choice?
Is this an opportunity for Callemonit? How would you confront this problem?


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