Don’t Discount Us

Growing up, not all the giant box stores were worldwide, even nationwide. But as years have passed and since progress is inevitable, small chains and mom & pops have been forced to close up shop. You name it, from food to furniture, nails to nylons, when it comes to the retail sector, bigger is better. Buying power affords more selection and cheaper prices. Competition is ruthless.
And like a carnival caravan to kids, you always see them coming. First, there’s an old factory or farmhouse sitting quietly on acres of ghost land, concealing generations of sweat and tears. Then there’s a sale sign. And next come wrecking balls and bulldozers. Sometimes dynamite is required. And from the ashes rise the monstrosities we frequent every day.
Am I longing for the days when entrances had a doorknob or a bell to alert a lone employee? Undoubtedly these are fond memories, but realistically, I can’t deny the convenience of big parking lots, climate control, and one-stop-shopping. So if I admittedly appreciate the multi billion dollar retailers, what’s the problem?
Ok, here’s the Callemonit plight. What do you do when these stores have 50 checkout lanes but only 2 open, both of which are filled with overflowing carts. And likewise, the self checkout is log jammed with customers spilling into the snack food aisle? How convenient?

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