Dumbfounded At The Deli

You live in a neighborhood with at least three supermarkets to choose from. Still, you always go to the same one. Their regular prices are usually lower, and they always have sales on the foods your family likes.
But then there’s the in store deli. It’s always busy, and the wait is a minimum of fifteen minutes. And when it’s finally your turn, you always get the miserable employee. He or she is a paid deli worker. The job requirement is to slice meats and cheeses to the specifications of the customer. But, when you tell them more than a pound, they make a face. And when you ask them to slice everything thin, they make another face. It’s as if you are inconveniencing them. And to make matters worse, when they do hold a slice up for your approval, guaranteed when you get home, only part of the order is sliced the way you agreed. The bologna is so thick, you might as well fry it.
Do you go through the same deli disappointment? Do you Callemonit? To who? The deli clerk or management?

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