Couples Love – The Kissing Callemonit

Having your first kiss on the lips was probably one of the most anticipated, nerve racking, and exhilarating experiences of your life.  

Chances are you were a teenager at the movies, in a car, at a school dance, on a front stoop, or going around and round on a Ferris wheel when the fear of doing it wrong finally got outweighed by a heart pumping, adrenaline filled urge to go for itthis is gonna feel awesome!

And for most, reality even exceeded expectation.  The electric lip-lock sent a shock wave of tingling sensations to every nerve ending from head to toe.

And the post kiss…well, that was a complete blur altogether.  Hours were spent staring mindlessly at a TV screen or bedroom ceiling reliving the moment on an endless loop, eagerly awaiting the second kiss.

And as hoped, the next kiss came, and the one after that, and the hundreds after that.  The partners might have changed multiple times, but the feeling remained constant, it was fun to be young and in love, or lust, and share such a simple, yet rewarding and intimate display of affection.

But then…(cue the dramatic sound effect)…Dun Dun Dun Duuuun…something happened to change things…something like this

No, I’m sorry…not that.  It was this

and this

and another one of these

’cause it wasn’t all this (pretend they have horns)

There was a lot of this

and this

and this

but NOT a lot of this

and you still had to do this

and this

to pay for this

and manage these

Which brings us to today.

Even though it feels like Life is kicking your

and will continue to for a minimum 18 years…you should think back to this

and how this

felt like this

and gave you these

and why it shouldn’t only happen here

or during these

or when these are involved

A loving kiss on the lips is perfect anytime, anywhere…like when you’re stuck in this

or doing this

or even here

Not only is kissing still fun as you grow older, it’s always a special way of saying, I love you, I’m so happy we found each other, and I want to someday be this 

  with you and only you, my best friend.

Maybe now’s a good time to Callemonit and say,

Let’s do it more!

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