Couples Love – The Listening Callemonit

Do you remember going to Grandma’s house for


and when it was time to eat, you and your cousins had to sit here

and that’s if you were lucky…usually it was even smaller…you know, Grandpa’s

…even still, Grandma covered and set it like this

to make everyone feel part of the feast…BUT it wasn’t the fancy holiday

and comfy

from the adult table that you longed for…it was the feeling of being grown up…having adult conversations…SO FINALLY when you turned around 16, you got the

to the BIG

…the BIG

BUT instead of feeling like this

after giving your young yet very thoughtful opinions about everything from


…you were left deflated like this

…you see, the reality was everyone at the adult table was more interested in what they had to say…so while there was plenty of this

going back and forth…there wasn’t a lot of this

being displayed…and unfortunately, that awkward feeling of not being truly heard would continue…UNTIL sometime in your 20’s, when a fateful conversation like this

happened…BUT the location and atmosphere wasn’t quite so quaint and peaceful…it was more like here

where these

were $2 a piece…and these guys

were so loud, you could hardly hear yourself think…BUT somehow over all the noise, this new guy who bought you a drink was actually listening when you mentioned how you’d

to adopt a

because they’re beautiful and sweet and completely misunderstood…AND THEN you were actually listening, after a giggle of course, when he bragged about having the power to control

…and later you initiated this

on the dance floor when you recalled how he went on to explain that on special occasions like family picnics and weddings when the weather forecast was for lots of

with periods of

…he would put a statue of

in the front window, and a gloomy day would turn out

WAIT…I know what you readers are thinking, I just waisted 3 minutes of my life I can’t get back…reading how two young horny people in a bar are better listeners than arrogant Uncle Al and daffy Aunt Debbie on Thanksgiving…everyone knows the motivation behind their undivided attention is

…well to be honest, I have to concede that being a good conversationalist during courtship does have its perks, from both people’s perspectives…BUT how this story continues to unfold for the purpose of Callemonit is 3 years later…you and him get

in June and move into a

in September, a week before your

…needless to say, the transition from an apartment in which you both lived for the last 2 years was hectic, especially since he insisted on putting up a

in the yard immediately…ANYWAY, your birthday arrives and he gives you this

and out pops a rescued

and you love how he remembered…THEN for his birthday, you got him this

for the

garden…I KNOW, I KNOW…it all sounds a bit

especially since it’s sort of typical, expected, similar behavior as that from dating…after all, it’s the

period…WELL, let’s focus on that for a second, particularly the word period…I just referred to it as a measure of

…NOW let’s also look at it as

…it sort of summarizes a sad reality in too many marriages…taking the time to truly listen to the love of your life starts to fade, even end as the honeymoon period passes…AND I get what you’re thinking…kids, school, soccer, dance, bills, work, the house, shopping…life is hard work, and the list of responsibilities and stress goes on and on…who has time to constantly be romantic like giving a puppy or a statue…gifts are for special occasions…WELL, that’s not the point I’m trying to make…let’s get back to our couple and imagine this scenario…during the ride home from an adult


you mentioned to him that the party was just ok…the food and drinks were great, and getting caught up with everyone was interesting, but it got kind of boring just standing around talking with the girls the whole time…HOWEVER, it became AMAZINGLY ROMANTIC at the

barbecue when he surprised you by yelling up to the back

for you to come down and be his partner in

 …and then again later, he politely broke into a conversation and asked you to be his teammate in

…oh, and let’s not gloss over what you did…before the 4th of July party, he complained how he never has anything to wear, always the same tee shirt and shorts…BUT for the Labor Day party, while he was in the shower, you went through his

and laid out on the

a dozen shirts and shorts he forgot he had, some with the

still on them…AND then at the party you approached your man, gave him an unexpected sexy

on the lips…then playfully whispered in his ear how you couldn’t take your eyes off such a handsomely dressed man…crazy huh, how hearing and then reacting to two relatively simple concerns has added another

to the foundation of your

…SO I guess the message of this Luv installment is…REMEMBER…all the feelings that were started back in here

are still there…you just have to take the time to truly listen, and the opportunity to make them appear will happen over and over and over again.

If you understand what I’m saying, and you believe you aren’t being heard…don’t just let time pass you by in some sort of marriage limbo…Callemonit.

Please tell me what you think…even share your experiences.

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