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You've hinted to sex in the past. Your wife sniffed out your intentions and said no. You decided to start off with flowers. She was pleasantly surprised, BUT she still said no.

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  1. Flowers are a start but a women really just wants to feel respected, loved and cherished. I don’t believe it is a one romantic gesture kind of thing; it’s how you make her feel on a daily basis. So what to say? Maybe a reversal on the Callemonit? The wife should tell her husband what she needs to feel more respected, loved and cherished. Sounds like a long and painful conversation but the dividends are worth it.

    1. Hi Mary! Thank you very much for participating in my poll. It’s awesome how you gave advice from a wife’s perspective. Maybe husbands are willing to do more than just flowers, and agreed, maybe a reversal Callemonit would be the way to prompt them. Great comment!

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