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Admittedly, a well intentioned and executed Callemonit in response to a narcissist's behavior will likely have very little positive impact. But maybe you believe your relationship will go the distance, because your words are being heard. Maybe there's a glimmer of hope in which Callemonit can help "manage narcissistic tendencies." Here's the scenario. Your husband comes home from work and says, "Honey, I'm not real hungry for dinner. The boss' wife surprised the whole office with a homemade lunch. He's a lucky guy. She's an awesome cook."

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    1. Hi Anne. Thanks for taking my poll. I smiled for a second, then felt bad. Narcissism is no laughing matter. Agreed, if you stopped cooking for a husband who wasn’t a narcissist, then he would definitely get the picture. But in this case, again agreed, he would never figure it out or some how turn it around like you did something wrong by getting mad and not cooking for him. My hope is that more comments will give advice, so managing the narcissism will have a happier Callemonit result.

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