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Your neighbor borrows your mixer to make cookies, returns it damaged, and says nothing.

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  1. Neighbor, my mixer isn’t working since you used it? Any neighbor that borrows and returns it broken should be able to handle directness.

    1. Good point Amy and thank you for participating in my poll. I agree, unless the condition of the mixer is honestly unknown to the neighbor, direct questioning would be expected. Still, I would try to pose the question in a friendly manner.

      1. I don’t think friendly manner is necessary; the lending of the mixer was friendly. I think direct is the best idea. If they truely didn’t know they broke it, they’ll make it right. If on the other hand, they did know, I need to know their true colors. If you can’t own your actions and mistakes, why should I worry about how you perceive me.

        1. Amy, it wasn’t necessary, but I am so glad you replied to my comment. I am definitely seeing the logic in your behavior. And agreed, by your direct Callemonit, you are finding out by his/her response whether or not their character is even the type you’d want to be neighborly with. Well done!

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