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You and your husband have noticed your son is spending a lot of time in the bathroom, and his hands are unusually dry and chapped.

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  1. I would just be direct with him, “Why are you washing your hands so much?” I have always been direct and honest with my son and I hope my directness would lead to him honestly talking to me.

    1. Hello Brian. Thank you so much for participating in my poll. I appreciate your direct approach when you Callemonit. However, from my experience with this topic, the child will feel confusion and embarrassment about his behavior. He wouldn’t want his father to think there’s something weird or wrong with him. With your Callemonit, he might just come up with a fake excuse, hoping you will let it go. You would then have to continue to monitor his behavior, and if the excessive hand washing continues, follow up with a second Callemonit.

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