Rush Hour Ridiculousness

You’re driving home from a long day at work.  It’s rush hour, and a thirty minute commute is leaning closer to an hour and a half. You are a cautious and patient driver. You realize the obvious, everyone on the road is dealing with the same congestion.

Then there’s that wannabe king of the road. They are bobbing and weaving in and out of traffic, getting very close to other vehicles. They speed up, change lanes, slow down, brake constantly, and basically get no further than anyone else. You’ve been watching it unfold for miles, and now the reckless driver is near you. It’s time to become a defensive driver, because you don’t know what they’re going to do next.

And of course, they cut in front of you and jamb on their brakes. You have no choice but to mash your brakes as well. You are inches from their bumper and immediately checking your rear view mirror, hoping you don’t get rear ended. Luckily, all the drivers behind you stop in time.

Without hesitation, you look through your windshield directly into any of the driver’s mirrors that show eyeballs. And if they are ignorantly looking at their phone or simply oblivious to their careless behavior, you lay on the horn until they look back. You couldn’t care less about their sex, age, race, religious affiliation, or muscle mass. Enough is enough.

You need that driver to know their ridiculous behavior hasn’t gone unnoticed, and it’s time for them to feel some of the anxiety they’ve been causing everyone else. So, you raise your hands in disgust, give them the finger, and say things that would make a lip reader blush. You even roll down your window for the whole world to hear, receiving an applause from the other rush hour victims.

That driver has done something completely unnecessary, and it threatened your health and wellbeing. They could have caused you to crash, been physically hurt, lose time at work, need to get your vehicle repaired, and have your insurance raised. And heck, if there was a collision, they might have sued you for injuries.

The obnoxious driver was a stranger. And although you wanted them to understand they’re not supposed to drive that way, you weren’t overly concerned about what they surmised from your Callemonit. In all likelihood, they resumed their reckless ways, waiting a couple miles first. Either way, you were tired of having to white knuckle the steering wheel. And through your Callemonit, they probably remembered your car and your reaction, so they at least stayed away from you.

This Callemonit might appear successful, but was it the right thing to do?  What if the other driver had a bad temper and he/she acts out their “road rage.” Should you have put yourself in possible danger?  Would a Callemonit involving the police have been a better approach?

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