The Designated Drunk

You and your buddies try to be socially responsible, specifically when it comes to partying. Every Friday night, you take turns designating a driver. There’s four of you in your group. So basically, once a month, you will pick up the other three guys at their homes and drive them to the bar. Everyone wants to get the weekend off to a quick start, so making it to happy hour is the objective. Getting there early also gives the designated driver an opportunity to have a couple drinks, stop by 8-8:30, and still have plenty of time to be able to drive home safely.
But here’s the problem, your one buddy never abides by the rules. When it’s his turn, he always pushes the stopping time to 10-10:30, sometimes even later. And since you and your other two friends aren’t the designated driver, none of you are capable of getting behind the wheel. As a result, you end up calling a taxi or ridesharing company. This is money you didn’t want to spend.
To make matters worse, the next day when you drive your buddy to the bar to pick up his car, he always pleads his case that he was fine to drive, but nobody would listen to him.
Do you have an irresponsible party friend? Is the selfish behavior becoming annoying? What’s your Callemonit approach?

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