Callemonit, What is it?

To explain what it means to Callemonit and why it’s important for the betterment of our lives, I will start from the beginning…but not the beginning that happened like this

when these little guys

 turned into these

and later him

and eventually him

because I don’t know that story very well…I mean, I’m not even sure where to put these

and all of this

No, instead…since I was raised Catholic…I’ll stick with this Guy

who made a really cushy setup for these two

…an entire world filled with plenty of clean

and fresh

with an abundance of organic


and wild

and grass fed

…unfortunately however, someone just had to get into a conversation with the wrong

and then convince her man that eating this

was worth giving up this

…BUT, what if Adam chose to Call Her On It…tell Eve that eating of the forbidden fruit was unacceptable…and then really stuck to his

…would his commitment to honest communication and an unwavering practice of morals, values, and integrity have established a template for all mankind, so we wouldn’t have needed him

and her

and him

and her

and him

and him

…well, I’ll sort of get back to it by the end…but for now, the answer would likely still be

…because even though we have her

and believe in



for the whole

just like He

taught us…we aren’t

and we’re bound to keep making these

…and that’s why we need to keep using these

and these

and this thing

and especially these

to Call Them On It when someone’s behavior goes against what we believe in…and not only during huge movements like when this

is potentially affecting this

and this

and the futures of these little ones

and them

and them

and them

and them

and then all their

…I want the courage and confidence to Callemonit to be a part of every aspect of our lives, even regarding the smaller things…like when you see your neighbor’s ten year old son doing this

without his

and you know for a fact that it’s dangerous, and the parents have no idea he’s been taking it off…or when something stranger happens…like when your married boss hands out Christmas gifts to the female employees…they got one of these

and one of these

with the company logo…but he bought you a $200 bottle of this

as if he was doing this

…or even more concerning is when your own husband also thinks he’s one of these

in your own

…but instead of treating you like her

he makes you feel like this

…which brings us full

as to why healthy communication and Callemonit is so important…meaning, what do we really know about this guy

and what kind of husband he was…and why this sneaky guy

was so successful at getting her

attention…I mean, maybe Eve felt good when someone took a real interest in her and her opinion…if that were the case, she should have told Adam how his behavior made her feel…she should have Called Him On It…and if she did, and he actually listened to her and treated her like an equal…maybe he

would have been left feeling like him

…and then who knows where the whole

¬†would be…so maybe we should all


…am I better off being as quiet as this little fellow

in here

…or should I react like this

…and then speak up and

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  1. I dig the message here and like the format with the integration of the pictures and and how it reads nicely as I scroll down while sliding my thumb up on the screen of my cell phone that I just can’t get away from.

    1. Hey Pete! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I truly appreciate your insight, especially regarding concept, images, and flow. Comments that are specific to the content and structure are the most helpful when blogging. Thanks again. Maybe I’ll see more of your opinions throughout the site…no pressure…haha!

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